DELTA is an advanced blend of theory and practice that provides professional development for teachers with at least one year’s experience.


• It’s internationally recognised, highly respected and a benchmark for quality
• DELTA is an advanced blend of theory and practice that will help you develop professionally
• A flexible and accessible qualification
• Gives you a good understanding of methodology and approaches to teaching, learning and assessment
• It’s developed by Cambridge Assessment English, the world’s leading provider of teaching qualifications and courses


• Experienced English language teachers who want to progress into more senior roles such as head of English and teacher training
• Experienced teachers who want to extend their expertise in a specialist area
• First-language English speakers and non-first-language speakers
• Experienced teachers who wish to refresh their teaching knowledge


It is one of three modules which make up the Cambridge English Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification. 

This module focuses on understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching and aims to give you a greater depth of knowledge in the background of teaching and learning English in a variety of contexts.


• develop candidates’ knowledge of historical and current theories of first and second language acquisition
• increase candidates’ critical awareness of approaches and methodologies and the way they are used in a range of English language teaching contexts
• extend candidates’ knowledge of language systems and skills and the ways in which they are used
• increase candidates’ knowledge of learners’ problems in developing language and skills proficiency
• enable candidates to critically evaluate teaching and reference materials and resources in a range of English language teaching contexts
• increase candidates’ knowledge of the role and methods of assessment


Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching

What does the course involve?

The Module 1 course is a blended course designed to prepare you for the exam by covering the topics and areas which are assessed in the written exam, including:

  • Weekly online sessions (3hrs)
  • Exam practice tasks 
  • Self-study tasks guided by the Delta Tutor
  • Two mock exams
  • Self-study – reading 

How is Module 1 assessed?

You will sit a written examination consisting of two 90-minute papers.

  • Paper 1 (50%) – (tests knowledge of language awareness and the systems of English – grammar, vocabulary, phonology and discourse)
  • Paper 2 (50%) – (tests knowledge of testing, the aims, purposes and principles behind published materials and the principles and beliefs underpinning ELT methodology)

What are the entry requirements?

The Delta Module 1 course is for experienced teachers looking to further their professional development in teaching or to advance their career. An initial teaching qualification (e.g. Cambridge CELTA or Trinity Cert TESOL) is highly recommended although not essential. The course is open to speakers of any language who have a proficient (minimum C1) level of English (both spoken and written) and are able to follow the course, which is entirely in English, with ease.

What are your expected commitments?

Module 1 requires a significant amount of time, dedication and regular reading and study in order to best prepare you for the exam. Only attending the weekly online sessions is not enough. Cambridge English estimates the study time for Module 1 to be 200 hours, however, this is dependent on your qualifications, previous knowledge and previous teaching experience. You should be prepared to spend 10-12 hours per week on reading and self-study. 



6/3/2021 – 29/05/2021 (every Saturday) 9.30-12.30 

SOFIA CODE – 50049

Info and applications:

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