CELT-s is the perfect Cambridge course for teachers who want to improve their classroom skills and teaching confidence in secondary schools.

Who is CELT-S for?

  • Secondary school teachers who are looking to improve their classroom skills and teaching confidence;
  • Teachers who speak English as their second language.

With CELT-S, teachers can show that they:

  • have developed their understanding of, and ability to respond to, the specific needs of secondary school learners;
  • have extended their range of approaches for developing their learners’ language skills;
  • have become more aware of ways to make effective use of resources to support learning in and beyond the classroom.

Why take the CELT-S?

  • Flexible and convenient study options;
  • ‘Theory to practice’ assignments enable teachers to apply what they have learned to their own classes;
  • Teachers gain two Cambridge English certificates: CELT-S and TKT: Module 1.

Details of the course:

  • The course is online and it is divided into eight modules (120 hours in total);
  • Teachers have the option to add 24 face-to-face hours which include practice activities and support;
  • The course includes teaching practice in the form of written tasks and observations;
  • Teachers are assessed through progress tests, portfolio tasks, assessment of teaching and a final multiple choice teaching knowledge test (TKT: Module 1);
  • CELT-S is thought to be offered by education institutions, national or regional governments as part of their teacher development programmes.

Do you want to know more about CELT-S? Ask for more info here:

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