5 Good Reasons to Take the CELTA with Us

The CELTA qualification is one of the most renowned certificates in the ELT world. You may have heard of it from your teacher friend, or read it in some language schools’ employee requirements. People who have acquired it are seen as some kind of demigods – or as some really brave people at least. Still, you may not be totally convinced yet. Should you take the CELTA? Is it really worth the time and the money?

As a former trainee at L’albero di Antonia, I can tell you it is. To convince you further, I have listed five good reasons to take the CELTA course with us!

  • The only center in Piemonte

L’albero di Antonia is the only CELTA center in the whole region of Piemonte. The school is located in Turin, a beautiful city in the North-West of Italy. As the urban landscape grows, language schools are thriving: Turin certainly is a good option if you are thinking to relocate in Italy, and taking the CELTA would help you find a teaching job quickly.

  • The tutors: our pride and joy

Rose, Graham and Alex are all tutors with several years of experience in numerous different contexts. Many former CELTA candidates have underlined their incredible empathy and professionalism – I can confirm it myself. Here you will find tutors who will provide you with all the tools to pass the CELTA at the highest of your possibilities.

  • Our CELTA course is flexible

We offer a wide variety of course modalities. Besides the classic, full-time CELTA, we have dates for the Extensive and the Part-Time courses. This means that you can attend the course once a week or in the evenings and Saturdays. They are perfect if you have to balance work and study, if you cannot stop for a whole month, or simply if you need to learn things at a slower pace. Apart from that, we also offer both online and face to face courses. We try and meet our candidates’ every need.

  • Both young and experienced teachers can take the CELTA

The amazing thing about the CELTA course is that it is designed so that you do not need teaching experience to start. Whether you are at the start of your career, or you are a teacher who wants to keep on learning, the CELTA will provide you with methodology and practice. Nobody gets left behind!

  • Worldwide recognition

The CELTA is required by the majority of language schools all over the world. While public schools’ requirements vary from country to country, with this certificate at hand you can be sure to impress private schools’ employers worldwide.

If I have convinced you, welcome on board. However, if you’d like to learn even more, we are hosting a Q&A session on May 4th. All of our splendid tutors will be there. Don’t miss it!

See you on one of our CELTA courses!


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